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Chartered geomatics surveyors

Chartered Geomatics Surveyors

Murphy Surveys provides an extensive and competitively priced range of survey solutions to public and private firms around the world and in a number of sectors. Our growth is due to our ongoing commitment to providing the very best solution to our clients while our skilled personnel, cutting-edge services, years of experience and exceptional quality control has made us one of the leading global providers of innovative and cost efficient survey solutions.

Our mission is to stay ahead of the competition by continuing to provide the most innovative services to our clients. We strive to uphold and maintain our reputation as one of the most competent, professional and experienced surveying companies in the world. Quality control and attention to detail is of paramount importance to us and with such high levels maintained across our services at all times, we believe we surpass all competition in the marketplace.

We are more than just a Chartered Geomatics Surveyors firm. As a global surveying consultancy, we will strive to understand your requirements and create the most effective, competitively priced survey solution to cater for your particular needs.

Global Land Surveyors – Our Mission

Murphy Surveys is committed to providing the most comprehensive, cost-efficient survey solutions to both private and public firms across a wide range of sectors,global land surveyors around the world. We attribute the growth of our business to the hands-on approach we have with our clients and to the technologically-advanced quality services we continually provide. Continuous investment in equipment and technology, a knowledgeable and dedicated team, years of valuable experience and an ongoing commitment to excellent quality control have also pushed us to the top of our industry.

Our strengths in these areas mean we’re always a step ahead of the competition. Our reputation is important to us and we strive to maintain it as one of the foremost surveying companies in the world. As global land surveyors we are committed to developing and maintaining a Quality Control System that’s second to none and this, coupled with an acute attention to detail, means we leave our competitors in the shade.

Murphy Surveys is not simply a surveying firm. We are a global surveying consultancy that understands your needs and strives to develop the most cost-effective survey solution to meet your particular, unique requirements.

Health & Safety

Our commitment to health and safety for our staff, clients and members of the public is at the forefront of our company

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Social Responsibility

We are proudly an official participant in the United Nations Global Compact – the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative.

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Technical Resources

We invest in the very latest technological equipment, and place great emphasis on continually training our expert personnel.

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Murphy Surveys strive to positively contribute to our planet’s social, economic and environmental sustainability for a better future generations with a better world.

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