Global Consultant Surveying Firm

global consulting surveyors

Established in 1983, Murphy global consulting surveyors provides the most technologically advanced survey solutions to its clients across the world.

Our committed and knowledgeable team understand the challenges faced by our clients and through our professional approach and years of experience, we offer the most adaptable services to meet the most complex requirements of our clients.

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About Us

Leading International Surveyors

A growing business of international surveyors employing over 200 people, we now have offices in Dublin, Cork, Kildare, Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cologne and Barcelona.

Much more than just a surveying firm, Murphy Surveys is a global surveying consultancy that understands the needs of its clients. This client-centred approach means we work with you and strive to develop the most cost-efficient solution to meet your particular needs.